Root Canal

If you are in need of a root canal, our endodontist at Clifton Dental Associates has several years of experience and has helped many patients get the care that they need while helping them stay comfortable and relaxed throughout their entire treatment! If you are looking for an endodontist for a root canal in Clifton, NJ, or need a second opinion, you’ve found the right place! Call our office to schedule your dental visit today! 

Reasons for a Root Canal

If your tooth is decayed or cracked, the pulp of the tooth is at risk of infection and the ultimate demise of the tooth. Decay can be as simple as an untreated cavity. If decay spreads deep into the tooth and reaches the pulp of the tooth, your tooth may begin to hurt and discolor. Eventually you could develop severe pain and your tooth could be in danger of extraction. When a tooth is cracked, bacteria can also enter and cause infection. If your dentist recommends root canal treatment, it’s important to address the problem soon to avoid further dental issues. 

Root Canal Treatment

Our root canal treatment is performed by an experienced endodontist that is trained to work inside the layers of a tooth. First, your endodontist will ensure that you are completely comfortable before beginning root canal treatment. Once you are ready, your treatment will start. Your endodontist will carefully work to remove all present decay and infection. Once all of the problem areas have been taken care of, your tooth will be carefully cleaned and sealed. The tooth will also be filled with a biocompatible material called gutta-percha to restore structure. Finally, a dental crown is used to cap the treated tooth and protect the area while also restoring form and function to your smile.

 If you are in need of a root canal, you’ll be in good hands at Clifton Dental Associates! We have helped many patients by preserving their smile and providing dental care that is both safe and comfortable. Call today to schedule your visit for root canal treatment!

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